Reserve Study Update
“No Site Visit” (NSV)

A no-site-visit based Reserve Study Update is our least expensive professional level of service. This is because there is no site inspection, no measuring, and no photographic inventory. We rely on the credibility of an existing Component List from a prior Reserve Study. The prior Reserve Study may have been prepared by Association Reserves or a competitor. Component information (i.e., Useful Life, Remaining Useful Life, and Replacement Cost) is “updated” at the office, based on a thorough review and a series of telephone or email interviews with applicable personnel. Reserve Study Update-NSV is an appropriate level of service in years when a site inspection is deemed unnecessary. This could be because the weather has been mild, the Component List is short or uncomplicated, or there have not been any major or recent repairs or replacements. It is on the basis of the updated Component List that we are able to calculate your current Reserve Fund Strength. Finally, we craft a custom Funding Plan that allows for timely repairs and replacements, with an emphasis on avoiding special assessments.

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