Levels of Reserve Study Services

We want you to feel confident selecting the right type of Reserve Study for your Association! All of our Reserve Studies are prepared by Reserve Specialists in accordance with National Reserve Study Standards.

The resulting report covers a one-year period and includes a 30-year cash flow forecast. Your Report (and other files) will be posted online for easy, anytime access. Your free Video Explanation of Results will help you communicate with Boardmembers and Homeowners. Your free Funding Analysis Software will allow you to compare various what-if scenarios.

Every Reserve Study includes the following key three results:

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  1. Component List detailing the scope & schedule of all Reserve Projects
  2. Calculation of current Reserve Fund Strength (Percent Funded)
  3. Customized Funding Plan going forward that allows for timely repairs & replacements, with an emphasis on avoiding special assessments

Your proposal from Association Reserves will include the following offerings:

Single Year Reserve Study Engagements & Reserve Study Updates

designed to meet your schedule, with 3 turnaround options (economy, standard and rush)

Level of Service Site Visit Measurements Component List Photographs
Full Reserve Study With Site Visit Yes Yes Created from scratch Yes
Reserve Study Update With Site Visit Yes no Updated from prior report Yes
Reserve Study Update No Site Visit no no Updated from prior report no

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Reserve Study “Loyalty Update Plan”

This popular “flat fee” Loyalty Update Plan is designed to save you time & stabilize your budget.

Reserve Study Revision Policy

We are happy to respond to your request for revision within 60 days of report delivery.

Do It Yourself Reserve Study

The Do It Yourself Reserve Study Kit requires a team effort between us and our client and represents our most economical product. It’s designed for cost-conscious clients who are capable of compiling and/or updating their own Component List, detailing the scope and timing of each component’s future repair or replacement.

It is on the basis of the client-submitted Component List that we are able to calculate your current Reserve Fund Strength. Finally, we craft a custom Funding Plan that allows for timely repairs and replacements, with an emphasis on avoiding special assessments.

A word about Reserve Study Updates…

Why Would Anyone Update a Reserve Study Annually?

Many Boardmembers and Managers ask themselves this very question. With Reserve contributions making up 15% to 40% of the typical Association’s budget, let’s look at the issues involved in formulating an answer. Read More

Consulting Services & Expert Witness Testimony

We offer a wide range of hourly consulting services for all matters related to community association Reserves. Rely on our expertise to review your own “in‐house” reserve planning or have us run some special “what‐if” reserve funding scenarios.

Consulting Rates: $200/hour (office work, site inspections, board meetings)

Litigators can look to Association Reserves for high caliber consulting, investigation, and testimony in all areas related to Reserves. This includes component lists, site inspections, financial analysis, computational methods, and Reserve Funding plans.

Expert Witness Rates: $300/hour (office work), $400/hour (deposition or trial appearances)