Webinar Testimonials

Manager Testimonials

“Very professional and easy to understand.”
Laura Cuddie
On-Site Manager (Wyoming)

“Excellent overview of the Reserve Study.”
Tina Base
Portfolio Manager (California)  

“This webinar helps in bringing different methods to the Board in order to achieve a funding method and get them on the right track.”
Felicia McKee
Portfolio Manager (Colorado)

“In our busy daily schedules, it is beneficial to be able to
log in to a webinar and receive helpful information, without leaving the office.”
Susan Strickland
Portfolio Manager (South Carolina)

“Well done. Succinct and worth Boards and especially members of the association to listen to. Ignorance is not bliss.”
Pat Weber
On-Site Manager (Washington)

“These are the best webinars – informative with real life examples/questions being answered directly, not a chase your tail response.”
Sharon Lang
On-Site Manager (California)

“This webinar was great, information was presented in a clear and plain dialogue that anyone could follow and learn from.  I’m glad I made all of our community managers attend this webinar and will recommend the recorded version to all of our HOA clients.”
Eric Gordon
Portfolio Manager (Oregon)

“Thank you for providing these webinars to keep managers and board members mindful of their responsibility to protect, maintain, and enhance association assets.  It never hurts to refresh our knowledge of what the reserve study provides to an association and why it is important.”
Evelyn Polizzi
Portfolio Manager (California)



Boardmember Testimonials

“Excellent way to learn the basics and develop an understanding of the reserve study impact on budgeting for your HOA.”
Frank Gless
Volunteer Boardmember (California) 

“Every owner and Board member should watch this Webinar.”
Jim Campbell
Volunteer Boardmember (Florida)

“This webinar was very beneficial, easy to understand and follow.”
Joan Ross
Volunteer Boardmember (North Carolina) 

“This webinar helped our Association determine their ability to fund & their funding tolerance.  Excellent overview of Reserve Studies.”
Adele Cooke
Volunteer Boardmember (Oregon)

“Clear, concise and extremely pertinent.  Even if you think you’ve got it all down pat, you’ll be surprised what you’ll learn.  Highly recommended!”
John Rickard
Volunteer Boardmember (California)

“Please keep up the webinars.  It is a valuable way to gain knowledge and get instant feed back. I am an HOA board member and I find the free information that is provided by the webinars to be a great public service ant personal asset to me.”
Lori McCormick
Volunteer Boardmember (Florida)

“All of the information in the webinars are very helpful in understanding the reserve study and my obligations as a board member.”
Carol Ringus
Volunteer Boardmember (Washington)

“These webinars are very helpful to gain general information easily and effectively for volunteers needing HOA context and perspective.”
Terry Donnelly
Volunteer Boardmember (California)