We’ve prepared more than 40,000 Reserve Studies Nationwide!

Association Reserves is a professional engineering consulting company that provides Reserve budget and disclosure solutions for Association-governed communities of all shapes and sizes. Established in 1986, we serve clients throughout the United States and the world. We perform approximately 4,000 Reserve Studies each year, from regional offices staffed specifically for this unique field.

Our clients include condominiums, co-ops, homeowners’ associations, planned unit developments, and property owner associations, with construction styles that range from single family dwellings to townhouses and hi-rises. We also serve the needs of Timeshares & Fractionals as well as Worship Facilities.

Our complete, accurate, and user-friendly 30-yr Reserve Studies clearly spell out what needs to be reserved for, evaluates the strength of the current Reserve Fund, and recommends a Funding Plan. Each year, thousands of Managers, Boardmembers, and Facility Directors trust in our ability to provide independent, custom, financially stable reserve funding plans that ensure timely repairs & replacements to their common area assets.

the AR Honor Roll Program

AR Honor Roll Program

Here’s what distinguishes us from our competition:

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