We’ve prepared more than 40,000 Reserve Studies Nationwide!

Association Reserves is a professional engineering consulting company that provides Reserve budget and disclosure solutions for Association-governed communities of all shapes and sizes. Established in 1986, we serve clients throughout the United States and the world. We perform approximately 4,000 Reserve Studies each year, from regional offices staffed specifically for this unique field.

Our clients include condominiums, co-ops, homeowners’ associations, planned unit developments, and property owner associations, with construction styles that range from single family dwellings to townhouses and hi-rises. We also serve the needs of Timeshares & Fractionals as well as Worship Facilities.

Our complete, accurate, and user-friendly 30-yr Reserve Studies clearly spell out what needs to be reserved for, evaluates the strength of the current Reserve Fund, and recommends a Funding Plan. Each year, thousands of Managers, Boardmembers, and Facility Directors trust in our ability to provide independent, custom, financially stable reserve funding plans that ensure timely repairs & replacements to their common area assets.

the AR Honor Roll Program

AR Honor Roll Program

Here’s what distinguishes us from our competition:

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Setting our Industry Up for Success

After 30 years preparing Reserve Studies, helping associations make wise decisions about their capital budgets to avoid surprises and the high cost of deferred maintenance, Robert Nordlund of Association Reserves has joined the national “Think Tank” of the Foundation for Community … Continue reading

Does our Association Need to have Healthy Reserves?

A good answer is both “yes” and “no”. Let me explain. Yes: Typical Governing Documents and the uniform legal expectations of Boardmembers  across the country require Boardmembers to maintain and protect the assets of the corporation on behalf of the … Continue reading

Is 10% of Budget to Reserves a Law?

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Underfunded Reserves – the $10 Solution!

In a recent webinar, an attendee remarked how simple it seemed to get on the path to appropriate Reserve funding. They were right! The problem of underfunded Reserves in community associations across the country can eliminated in five years with … Continue reading

The Four Reserve Rules

In preparing to speak to two different audiences in two days, both made up of new boardmembers and new managers, I wanted to make sure I was communicating the simple truths about Reserve planning. It forced me to get down … Continue reading

Can you (still) Revise our Reserve Study?

Sometimes, the answer is no. Yesterday a former client asked about their Reserve Study which we completed back for their 2010 Fiscal Year. They recently found out that the short maintenance road to the adjacent water tower is their responsibility … Continue reading

What can Reserve Funds be Used For?

Good question! There are two ways to answer a question regarding the appropriate use of Reserve Funds, depending on how it is asked. Boardmembers and managers of condos, HOAs and other forms of community associations are often confronted with a … Continue reading

DIY Reserve Study Services: Announcing the Launch of DIYReserveStudy.com

Finally… The DIY Reserve Study Website is Here Many Association-governed communities are unable to afford the cost of a professionally-prepared Reserve Study.  In response, we introduced the Do it Yourself Reserve Study concept about 10 years ago. Our DIY Reserve … Continue reading

Reserve Studies – Where the Client is Not Always Right!

Conventional wisdom says the client is always right. Customer service principles support that concept: please the client, nurture relationships for repeat business, etc. But what if it is your job to provide professional counsel, and the nature of the news … Continue reading

Should a Reserve Fund Policy Ever be Unfair?

So much of the field of Reserve Studies and reserve fund budgeting is about being fair. The core goal is attempting to have the owners enjoying the use of the association’s assets pay for the deterioration that occurred to those … Continue reading