Reserve Study Guide: Understanding Reserves

A Guide to Your Association's Reserve Fund & Reserve Study

Understanding Reserves is a comprehensive Reserve Study guide for board members and community managers. Besides answering common questions related to Reserve Studies, we thoroughly address each facet of the Reserve Study process. From why associations should reserve funds to understanding the three key results of the study, Understanding Reserves is a quick read that will enhance your Reserve Study knowledge.

Veterans of the industry can use this book to refresh their understanding of reserves. For new board members and managers, it can be a great introduction to the topic.

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About the Authors

Kevin Leonard, RS holds the national credential of Reserve Specialist and leads our Inland Empire/Coachella Valley office, which includes the cities of Riverside and Palm Springs, California. Kevin has completed over 1,000 Reserve Studies for a wide range of community associations nationwide.

Robert Nordlund, PE, RS is the Founder and CEO of Association Reserves and a registered Professional Engineer. Robert is also a certified Reserve Specialist, was involved in creating National Reserve Study Standards, and has greatly influenced the community association industry. Robert is also a regular speaker and educator on a national level.