uPlanIt is a powerful interactive online tool that enhances a Reserve Study by giving Clients absolute control of their Reserve funding information. Designed by experts and available FREE to our Clients with every professional Reserve Study engagement, uPlanIt gives real-time answers to all your “what-if” Reserve funding scenarios.

uPlanIt allows Clients to consider a variety of conditions throughout the reserve budget process, forecast the potential impact on the funding plan, and test and validate their budget decisions. Whether you want to adjust your Funding Plan, adjust replacement costs, or postpone certain projects, you’ll be able to foresee the outcome. Results are delivered in an assortment of insightful charts & tables. With uPlanIt, the power to control your property’s physical & financial future is entirely in your hands!

  • Included FREE with every professional Reserve Study or by subscription for $399/budget season.
  • 24-7 access to “what-if” scenarios in real time, even during budget meetings!
  • One centralized database ensures year-to-year (and Board-to-Board) continuity.
  • Access is seasonal, from the date your Reserve Study is completed (or when your subscription is launched) through the end of your Fiscal Year, plus an additional bonus three months.
Access to uPlanIt
Free access for our clients with every professional Reserve Study. Request a free Reserve Study bid proposal today!
Subscribe to uPlanIt for $399. uPlanIt subscription sales are final, no refunds. However, the price can be credited to the cost of one of our professional levels of service at any time prior to the subscription’s expiration.

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