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Calabasas, CA Corporate Office (800) 733-1365

Association Reserves, Inc. is based in Calabasas, CA with regional offices scattered throughout the United States.

Corporate Office
Association Reserves, Inc.
5000 N. Parkway Calabasas
Suite #308
Calabasas, CA 91302
Office: 818/222-0248, 800/733-1365

Our mission is bringing insight and order to a distracted and cluttered world, so our clients can cost-effectively make wise decisions about the care of their properties. Founded in 1986, Association Reserves is a recognized industry authority in preparing Reserve Studies for Association-governed communities. Each year, thousands of clients trust in our ability to provide independent, custom, financially stable funding plans that ensure timely repairs & replacements to their common area assets.

In order to achieve our mission, we apply our core skills of information gathering, financial analysis, and presentation of results.

Our goal is to provide the best value and customer service at an attractive price, using the industry’s most capable team of employees. Planning our company’s future will focus on stability, profitability, and upholding our core values.

  • We will be an example of honesty, superior value, and expertise to our clients and competitors.
  • We expect results and effort, teamwork and individual initiative from all employees.
  • We are informal, open-minded, forward thinking, and results-oriented.
  • Customer service begins with serving the needs of our employees. The best work is done in a comfortable environment, where employees have the time, tools, training, and trust to do their jobs well.

Management Team

Robert M. Nordlund, PE, RS
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Cathy Schrader, PE
Director of Marketing & Communications
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Paige Daniels
National Marketing Manager
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Join Us

At Association Reserves, we’ve been raising the bar in the Reserve Study industry for more than 25 years. We attract and employ the finest professionals in the business and we provide ongoing training and support to constantly keep our associates at the top of their game.

We are looking for talented, energetic, entrepreneurial professionals to help us provide exceptional Reserve Study services in under-served areas throughout the United States.

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We put our profits and people to work in our communities. Whether it’s a financial donation, or the volunteer efforts of our extraordinary employees, we’re ready to lend a hand to help our neighbors. Association Reserves will match any employee donation up to $1000 per year. In addition, every Association Reserves employee can take up to 6 paid volunteer days each year to help a 501c3 nonprofit organization.