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Reserve Studies 101 - The Component List

Join Robert Nordlund, PE, RS as he covers the fundamentals of a Reserve Study Component List. During this 45 minute Webinar, you will learn: 1) How important is the Component List? 2) Which components are the most influential? 3) Avoiding the mistake of "missing" components!

Reserve Study Basics for 2019

Every so often it is important to take it back to the basics to improve your understanding of a subject. Reserve contributions are regularly one of an association's largest budget line items (or they should be!). So save time, save money, and avoid costly mistakes by joining us for this "Reserve Study Basics" webinar. Whether you are a Boardmember or Manager, in this 45-minute session we'll show you how the basic principles of Reserve Studies are in the best interests of your association.

Reserve Studies 101 - The Component List

An accurate Reserve Component List gives you years or decades to prepare gradually and responsibly for the inevitable cost of deterioration at your association. This video will help you understand how the Reserve Component List is assembled and presented, and how to work with that information to improve the future of your association.

Reserve Studies 102

So... what do the numbers in your Reserve Study tell you? Gain understanding in this recording of a live webinar where Robert Nordlund of Association Reserves is both teacher and guide as he explains the meaning of your Reserve Fund strength (Pct Funded) calculations and how your contribution calculations can gradually lead your association towards an improved future.

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