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Avoiding Reserves Quicksand

Does your board get stuck in the reserves “quicksand?”

Have you ever been asked or asked yourself:
“What do we do?” (concerning either spending or funding)
“How do we keep the board from hoarding Reserves?” (not spending appropriately)
“How do we keep the board from depleting reserves by over-spending?”

Or perhaps you may be dealing with an inappropriate focus on the association’s percent funded rating or some pre-conceived monthly assessment target that the board doesn’t want to exceed.

If you are nodding in agreement to the list above, this webinar is for you! Join Reserve Study expert Robert Nordlund, PE, RS of Association Reserves, and Julie Adamen, former manager and now consultant and recruiter of Adamen, Inc., for a valuable and fascinating discussion on these subjects.

Reserve Investments & Inflation

With today’s high inflation, are you taking proper care of your Reserve Funds on-deposit? In this webinar, featuring community association investment expert Dave Lynn, we focus on the precious Reserve funds you’ve set aside. Do your standards of care measure up? What are your goals and responsibilities? Do your choices change if you have $50,000, $500,000, or $5,000,000 in Reserves? How do you face the inflation challenge? Join us to learn more!

Learn your Association’s FiPhO™ Health Score!

What is a FiPhO™ Health Score, why does it matter, and how is it calculated?

Last year’s tragic collapse of Champlain Towers South inspired us to introduce a change to an industry in desperate need of change. Check out this short (3:44) video introducing Association Insights & Marketplace.

Then join us for an explanation & demonstration of this revolutionary new free public service & scoring concept described in a recent Washington Post article.

Developing the Funding Plan

Join us for “Developing the Funding Plan”, a 45 minute webinar that follows up on our recent webinars, Reserve Studies 102 (where we introduced general Reserve Funding concepts) and Reserves in Real Life (where we took a deeper look at real-life reserve funding decisions as a Project Manager at a client property).

In this webinar we will actually develop a Funding Plan and show “in real time” during the webinar how different factors will change the Funding Plan outcome.

Follow along as Bryan Farley, RS, and Robert Nordlund, PE, RS apply Funding Plan theory and turn it into realty. You’ll also see the intersection between the math of the Funding Plan and the human factors of board decisions and pressures to minimize Reserve funding. Finally, you’ll enjoy some helpful hints on dealing with owners on the subject of “making the sale” for properly and adequately funding Reserves at your association.