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Is it a Reserve Component (or a Capital Improvement)?

Interesting question, and not always clear. First we go to National Reserve Study Standards and the definition there of a Reserve component. A Reserve Component must pass all the following four tests: 1) that it is a common area maintenance responsibility 2) that it has a limited life 3) that it has a predictable remaining useful life 4) that it is above a minimum threshold cost of significance.

HOA Reserve Fund Tips: The Expert’s Strategy to Avoid Quicksand

We'll break down the 7 types of HOA reserves quicksand and show you how to keep your HOA safe from these mistakes forever!

HOA Reserve Funding: Real-Life Lessons from 3 Associations

HOA reserve funding decisions change everything. Look at three REAL communities to learn from their reserve fund wins and fails.

How to Get Your HOA On Board with Reserve Funding

Explore how to respond to your fellow board members' concerns about funding reserves so you can make sure your community is taken care of!

Navigating Inflation and Investments: Strategy Guide for HOA Reserve Funds

Struggling to manage your HOA reserve fund amidst inflation? Learn these safe reserve investments and inflation-proof strategies for your community!

HOA Reserve Funds: How To Properly Fund Reserves

Owning property within a HOA community offers the security of shared responsibilities. Yet, like every advantage, it brings with it the challenge of shared financial risk, particularly when it comes to your HOA reserve fund. Ignoring reserve funding is an invitation to these unpleasant surprises.