Gold Coast Staff

Chad McCloskey

Chad graduated from California Lutheran University in 1996 with a BA in legal studies before joining Association Reserves. Chad’s professional background includes over 21 years of financial consulting and strategic planning with clients spanning numerous industries. As a Reserve Study professional, Chad has traveled nationally to serve residential and commercial clients which have ranged from small, seaside HOA’s to HOA’s representing thousands of homes to specialty properties such as places of worship, California Missions and large concert venues. Chad is an active member of the Channel Islands Chapter of CAI, helping promote quality association education and leadership. A resident of Ventura County, Chad also serves actively on the board of Raising Hope and has been the Race Day Director for their annual Hope4Kids Festival and Run which is put on to address the immense needs of foster children and their families in the Ventura County area. In his spare time, Chad prefers to spend time with family and close friends and enjoys all the adventure that California has to offer.

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