Hawaii Reserve Study Services

Robert M. Nordlund, PE, RS

We began preparing Reserve Studies in the State of Hawaii back in 1988. In order to meet the growing needs of our Hawaii clients, the Hawaii office was established in 2006. Our goal has always remained the same – to help Board members & Managers make informed and responsible decisions regarding their reserve funding. A foundational aspect of that goal is creating Reserve Studies that are based on the conditions and costs unique to these beautiful islands.

Our clients range from large master planned communities on Maui & downtown Honolulu high-rises to small townhome & apartment-style condominium associations on the Big Island and Molokai. Our Reports clearly state the current level of funding (Reserve Fund strength) and provide association-governed communities with a powerful 30 year Reserve funding plan. For site-inspection based studies, detailed measurements, inspection comments, and photographs are always included.

Designed to comply with Hawaii Reserve Study State Law, every report also meets National Reserve Study Standards.

We deliver reliable, accurate Reserve Studies in your desired time frame. Our experience and our knowledge of current conditions and costs, based on long-established vendor and contractor relationships, is what sets us apart in the Hawaii market.

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