Home Buying Tips from a Reserve Specialist

For Association Governed Communities

Everyone knows that “location” is one of the most influential factors in the value of a real estate transaction. But setting location aside, the value of a home in one of the nation’s 350,000 Association-governed communities is also affected by the prudent (or foolish!) decisions of the group of wise (or dysfunctional!) homeowners serving in volunteer positions on the AGC’s Board of Directors. Based on our experience preparing Reserve Studies for over 60,000 Reserve Studies throughout the United States, our free eBook “Home Buying Tips from a Reserve Specialist” breaks down the Top 10 Tips to keeping your association on track and financially healthy.

About the Author

Robert Nordlund, PE, RS is the Founder and CEO of Association Reserves and a registered Professional Engineer. Robert is also a certified Reserve Specialist, was involved in creating National Reserve Study Standards, and has greatly influenced the community association industry. Robert is also a regular speaker and educator on a national level.