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The Oaks at Calabasas: How Reserve Studies Helped Our Bottom Line


Why Reserve Studies?


National “Manager of the Year” Contest (3:04 min)
Requesting a Proposal Made Easy (1:12 min)
Reserve Studies for Association Governed Communities (34:33 min)
Sample “Job Complete” (4:22 min)
The Importance of Updating your Reserve Study (3:36 min)
Under-Funding Reserves (3:03 min)
What Happens Next? (1:55 min)
Which Level of Service is Right for my Association? (1:52 min)

Sample (editable) Reserve Study Policies (.doc)
Simple (courtesy of Association Reserves)
Exhaustive (courtesy of Gary Porter, CPA)

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Parts of a Reserve Study: The Component List

The Component List is one of the three results of a Reserve Study, providing a listing of the major common area assets the association is responsible to maintain. A Component List typically includes the following information about each Reserve Component: Name, Description, Useful Life, Remaining Useful Life, and Current Replacement Cost.

The Component List serves as the foundation of a Reserve Study since it defines the scope and schedule of all Reserve expenses. Reserve Fund Strength and Funding Plan calculations will be performed on the basis of those expenses. It is wise to review your Component List for accuracy after it is developed, and updated it annually as your Components age or are replaced, and as costs change.


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Component List eBook

All you need to know about Reserve Component Lists

Component List Videos

National Reserve Study Standards: 4-part Component Test


Parts of a Reserve Study: Reserve Fund Strength

The calculation of Reserve Fund Strength is one of the three results of a Reserve Study. The measure of how well the Reserve Fund has kept pace with ongoing deterioration (computed as the Fully Funded Balance) is reported in ratio form as Percent Funded.

0%- 30% Funded is considered poor (well behind pace), 30% – 70% funded is considered fair (behind pace), and 70% – 130% is considered good (on pace).


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