Reserve Planning YOUR Way!

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Once we deliver a Reserve Study to a client, we know they often wonder “What if?”

What if we tweak the timing (or cost) of a particular reserve component? How would that affect the funding plan? What if we were able to transfer $25,000 from the Operating account into Reserves? Would that change our Percent Funded? What if we moved our Reserve fund to a new bank with a 0.5% increase in interest earnings? How much would that decrease our budgeted reserve contributions? The point is you really want to know. And up until now, it’s been hard to quickly or easily get you those answers.

But not anymore.

Introducing uPlanIt, a Reserve calculator unlike any other on the market today, giving Clients absolute control of their Reserve funding information. Guaranteed to deliver Boardmembers MORE solutions and LESS headaches, uPlanIt eliminates guesswork, facilitates collaboration, and builds consensus. Get the answers to all your “what if?” questions, with results delivered in your choice of insightful charts & tables that all comply with National Reserve Study Standards.

Join Robert Nordlund, PE, RS to learn more about this powerful new online tool. Robert will demonstrate how easy and convenient uPlanIt is to use by testing a variety of common “what if” scenarios. With uPlanIt, the power to control your property’s physical & financial future is entirely in your hands!

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