Reserve Studies 103: The Funding Plan

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Join Robert Nordlund, PE, RS and Ian McGeady, RS for part three of our free, three-part webinar series on Reserve Studies. Reserve Studies 101 addressed the Component List, explaining which assets at your association are appropriate for Reserve Funding. Reserve Studies 102 was an overview of the entire Financial Analysis: addressing Reserve Fund Strength (Percent Funded) calculations and introducing Reserve Funding Plans.

With all new content updated for 2022, Reserve Studies 103: The Funding Plan will take the time to clearly and concisely answer:

  • What’s the right amount for us to contribute (short term vs long term)?
  • Why are there different Funding Objectives?
  • What are the implications of “Straight Line” vs “Cash Flow” methods?
  • How can contributions be so different for the same association?
  • What is best for our association in a time of financial stress?

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