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2016 MOTY Portfolio Manager Spotlight

When fire broke out on the 50th floor of the Hancock Tower last November, Gregory Dean Lerner did not hesitate. Drawing on decades of experience managing association properties, Lerner rallied his board and staff to reassure the residents and help those who lost their homes.

2016 MOTY On-Site Manager Spotlight

As a long-time resident of Colorado, Scott P. Ellison knows what it is like to climb uphill. And so, when Ellison became the on-site manager of the Flying Horse Community in Colorado Springs, he saw immediately a “mountain” of issues needing prompt attention.

5 Reasons to Hire a RS Infographic

5 Ways ARI Can Help Associations

6 Ways to Minimize your Reserve Contributions

Why put more money into your Reserve Fund than necessary? I can’t think of a good reason! You don’t want to make Reserve contributions that err on the side of being too little, that may lead your Association toward a Special Assessment, borrowing, or the even higher costs that come with deferred maintenance.

8 Ways to Detect an Irrigation Leak

Irrigation systems usually run when most people are asleep, so how can you tell if you have an irrigation leak?

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