Rock Wall & Wood Fence Alternative

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Boardmembers and Managers, have you ever wondered, “Didn’t we just install a new fence a few years ago?” or thought “Didn’t we just paint/stain that fence last year…”

SimTek Reduces the Need for Frequent Repainting and Replacement of Fencing

Arriving on the market in 2006 as a division of MityLite, a manufacturer of tables and chairs, SimTek Fence has quickly become a cost-effective option for Associations facing their next rock wall or wood fence replacement project. SimTek is unique, the only company making fencing out of polyethylene plastic, which is the same material used for kayaks and playground equipment.

Our flagship EcoStone line mimics a granite rock wall look, but is made of proprietary lightweight polyethylene and is reinforced with galvanized steel. The product carries a 25 year warranty and is available at local “big box” home supply stores at about 30% more than the cost of a typical wood fence. It reduces sound and is anti-graffiti.

In addition to our rock wall alternative, SimTek also offers a wood fence alternative. So you can get the look of a wood fence at a cost about 30% more than the cost of a wood fence, but without any of the painting or staining costs associated with a wood fence. Due to color options, texture, and finish, a person would have to look closely to see that it is not an expensive rock wall or real wood fence.

Invest In a Fence That Lasts Longer

For Associations with tight Reserve budgets, SimTek’s “wood-look” fence lasts about 1.5 to 2 times longer than a typical wood fence, without the paint or staining costs every five years. This is significant, because your Reserve Study professional will tell you that painting and staining approximately doubles the life-cycle cost of a wood fence. Eliminating painting and staining cycles offers a significant cost savings.

Early vinyl fences, with their shiny white finish, were very artificial-looking and brittle. Newer vinyl fencing is significantly improved on both points, but SimTek brings sturdy to a new level. Engineered and tested to wind load requirements of 110 mph sustained and 130 mph gusts, SimTeck’s popular YouTube video shows a wall standing up to a former Major League pitcher’s 90 mph fastballs.

If your association has an old and deteriorating perimeter rock or block wall, a vinyl fence that isn’t holding up to abuse, or wood fencing that is nearing time for replacement, SimTek is a new product to consider. It can keep your perimeter secure and attractive, while reducing Reserve expenses.