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Lifetime Tile Roofs: Fact or Fiction

The world of roofing is very competitive, causing product manufacturers to seek ways to separate themselves by offering more and more. The latest marketing trend is to advertise “lifetime” tile roofs.

New Swimming Pool Standards

The 2010 American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for the Accessible Design for Recreation Facilities were revised and sign into law on September 15, 2010. The law specifies certain elements of design to ensure that individuals with disabilities are able to access and use swimming pools, spas, wading pools, and other aquatic recreation facilities.

Why Modernize a (Perfectly Functional) Elevator?

Elevators are critical elements of modern-day, multi-story buildings. Owners expect they will function as reliably as the sun comes up in the morning. Unfortunately elevators, just like any other mechanical component, eventually fail.

Reserve Account Law – What’s Changed?

Significant Assets within Condominium Associations means that the current total cost of major maintenance repair and replacement of the reserve components is fifty percent or more of the gross budget of the association, excluding the budgeted reserve contribution.

Complying with Reserve Disclosure Law

It is our understanding that the purpose of the CA Civil Code 1365.2.5 form is to summarize Reserve Study results and clarify the current status of an Association’s Assessments and Reserves in a standard format on an annual basis, minimizing the chances of misrepresentation or surprise.

Replacement Reserve Costs vs. “Total Insurable Value”

A Reserve Study helps the Board assemble a responsible budget to care for the Association’s major common area repair and replacement responsibilities, and disclose the Association’s Reserve Fund status to its members. The individual projects listed in the Reserve Study (roofing, painting, asphalt, elevator, etc.) are very different from an Association’s “total insurable value”.