Reserve Study Webinars

-Upcoming Reserve Study Webinars-

The schedule for our free, live webinars is generally posted by the middle of each month. These Webinars attract a nationwide audience, so please adjust for your appropriate time zone.



Recorded Reserve Study Webinars on Demand

Reserve Study Basics (Session Outline)
Reserve Studies 101 – The Component List (Session Outline)
Reserve Studies 102 – The Financial Analysis (Session Outline)
Reserve Studies 103 – The Funding Plan (Session Outline)
Answers to your Reserve Study Questions! (Session Outline)
“Boards – Don’t Make These Mistakes!” with Kelly Richardson (Session Outline)
Choosing your Reserve Components
“Conflict at your Association? You Don’t Say!” with Kelly Richardson (Session Outline)
Flag on the Play! Problems & Penalties of Failing to Update Your Reserve Study (Session Outline)
Golf Courses Within Your HOA (Session Outline)
How to Read Any Reserve Study in 5 Minutes or Less! (Session Outline)
“Ignoring Your Reserve Study” with Adrian Adams (Session Outline)
Inspiring Professionalism
Reserves Studies: What Can You Ignore?
Reserve Study: Under the Hood
Reserve Studies: Look over the Expert’s Shoulder
Reserve Studies and D&O Liability Insurance (Session Outline)
Stump the Reserve Specialist (Session Outline)
“Tackling Budgets Effectively & Efficiently” with Julie Adamen (Session Outline)
The Legal Side of Reserve Studies (Session Outline)
The Legal Side of Reserve Studies Part 2 (Session Outline)
“Tips That Make a Difference” with Bob Gourley (Session Outline)
“Tight Budgets, Tough Choices” with Adrian Adams (Session Outline)
Underfunding Reserves (Session Outline)
Underfunding Reserves- Keep Calm & Be Smart! (Session Outline)
Underfunding Reserves and the Business Judgment Rule (Session Outline)
What do you do with your Completed Reserve Study? (Session Outline)
Why Would Anyone Update a Reserve Study Annually?
“Your Association and the FHA – What’s in it for me?” with Eric Boucher (Session Outline)


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