Back On Track

These are real-life examples of HOA funding decisions that have reshaped community associations forever! Join us as we follow three of our REAL client associations through the years.

Underfunding Reserves in Community Associations

If underfunding Reserves is foolish, why do so many HOAs do it? Here's 4 common reasons and what happens!

Selling Out, Settling, or Succeeding

The story of 3 identical associations and the effects over 5 years of their different Reserve Funding choices.

Underfunding Reserves – Keep Calm & Be Smart!

Watch how underfunding reserves is calculated, how many associations are underfunded, exposing the high cost of underfunding.

Developing the Funding Plan

Let's develop a Funding Plan and show “in real time” how different factors will change the Funding Plan outcome.

Funding Reserves & What Happens When You Don’t!

Are you putting your HOA at risk? See why you need to fund reserves and what happens when you don’t prepare for the inevitable!