Reserve Study Basics

Take it back to the basics to improve your understanding of reserve studies. Reserve contributions are regularly one the HO largest budget line items!

Reserve Studies 101: The Component List

How important is the Component List? Which components are the most influential? Avoid the mistake of “missing” components!

Reserve Studies 102: The Financial Analysis

What are the consequences of a weak Reserve Fund? How can you calculate different Reserve contributions for the same association? How much Reserve contributions are “enough”?

Reserve Studies 103: The Funding Plan

Follow along with Robert Nordlund, PE, RS and Ian McGeady RS, as they explain how to create an HOA funding plan!

Reserve Study “Road Map for Managers”

Join us to learn some key insights that will help you stay on track, learning how your Reserve Study can make your present less stressful and your future more secure.

Reserves: Advanced Concepts for Managers & Boards

Join us as we cover reserve funding advanced concepts that will help you properly manage your reserves and understand your reserve study!