Association Reserves and Kevin Davis Joint Incentive Program

Association Reserves and Kevin Davis Insurance Services are committed to helping associations take the important step of protecting the assets of the association by providing financial incentives for those in need of a Reserve Study.

Association Reserves' Commitment

By showing proof of an insurance policy with Kevin Davis Insurance Services, any new or existing Association Reserves client will be eligible for a discount as shown below on any Full, With-Site-Visit Update, or No-Site-Visit Update Reserve Study.

Kevin Davis Insurance Services' Commitment

If the association can provide a Reserve Study prepared by a credentialed “RS” or “PRA”, prepared within the last 36 months, Kevin Davis Insurance Services may provide a discount up to 10% on the association’s insurance policy.

How it Works

Association Reserves will discount Reserve Studies prepared for Kevin Davis Insurance Services clients* based on the fee breakdown below:

Reserve Study Fee Fee Concession
< $1000
$1000 - $1999
$2000 or higher

*proof of KDIS policy required

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