Creating a Great Future

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If you are handed a road map, you can get from point A to point B, but you will get there the most efficiently if you know how to read the map and if smart decisions are made along the way. The same is true for your association. The Reserve Study is the road map, but a great map without great decisions doesn’t get you to your destination. The magic of combining a great Reserve Study with great decision-making is what creates an association with a great future.

Joining host Robert Nordlund, PE, RS will be Association Reserves-Florida President Will Simons, RS and attorney Lisa Magill, CCAL of Kaye Bender Rembaum.

Topics Covered:
• Understand and communicate the role of the Reserve Study and Reserve Contributions
• The role of Board Responsibilities – summarized from Governing Docs, State Law, and the Business Judgment Rule
• Tips to get a great Reserve Study
• Tips to minimize special assessments and maximize home values!

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