Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

Clients often ask, “When is the appropriate time to replace a reserve component?” A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of working with an Association client with this exact dilemma.

Deferred Maintenance, Choose Wisely!

A Boardmember recently asked what defines “too far” with respect to choosing to do a Reserve project on time or to defer the project. In other words, when do deferred repairs get to the point of the Board dangerously incurring liability and financial risk?

Is there such a thing as “Roof Reserves”?

This question came up in our recent Reserve Studies “under the hood” webinar (see, designed to provide a general introduction to what a Reserve Study is, and what useful and valuable information you’ll find in a Reserve Study.

Why are there often Multiple Components for Paint Projects?

After last week’s webinar on selecting Reserve components (click here for the recording), one attendee asked why they often see many “painting” components… one for stucco, one for wood trim, one for the ironwork around the pool, one for balcony railings, etc.

Replace your Iron Fence or Rail with Vinyl?

A client asked this question yesterday, and while it seems simple, it is actually complicated. Let me walk you through the issues. The simple answer is sometimes it is a good idea to replace an iron fence with vinyl, sometimes not. The issue is driven by concerns about two different issues – the application (location), and the cost.