DIY Reserve Study Services: Announcing the Launch of

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The DIY Reserve Study Website is Here

Many Association-governed communities are unable to afford the cost of a professionally-prepared Reserve Study.  In response, we introduced the Do it Yourself Reserve Study concept about 10 years ago.

Our DIY Reserve Study Kit allows Manager and Boardmembers to partner with us to prepare their Reserve Study by providing us with their updated Component List.  We then use our staff of certified Reserve Specialists to calculate Reserve Fund Strength, craft a custom Funding plan, and publish a report built on National Reserve Study Standards calculations & disclosures.

Today, we celebrate an important milestone- launching a website dedicated to DIY Reserve Study clients!

Our Goal with

Our simple goal is to eliminate all excuses for Managers & Boardmembers to not have a current-year Reserve Study showing the strength of their reserve fund and the funding necessary to perform repairs & replacement in a timely manner.

For over 25 years, the message I’ve been preaching is that the path from “underfunded” to “appropriately-funded” is a journey, and an annually updated Reserve Study provides the necessary road map. Wise reserve planning has the priceless payoff of sufficient funds on hand as common area components, quite predictably, reach the end of their useful lives.

Please take a look around the site and tell us what you think!

By annually finding the ongoing cost of common area deterioration and properly funding reserves, Boards are able to responsibly offset ongoing deterioration. That goes a long way towards eliminating underfunded reserves and minimizing the risk of special assessments, deferred maintenance, declining property values, and potential Boardmember liability.

How the DIY Reserve Study Works

For just $349, cost-conscious and enterprising Boardmembers and Managers can now cost-effectively update their prior Reserve Study every year (or create a new one from scratch).

The DIY Reserve Study Kit contains two files:

  • DIY Reserve Study Kit Instruction Booklet (.pdf)
  • DIY Reserve Study Kit Upload Template (.xls)

The Instruction Booklet is a free download. The template, available when you order the Kit, contains a list of over 70 common area components, along with their Useful Life ranges.

Associations across the United States and abroad can use the DIY Reserve Study Kit to update a prior Reserve Study or create a new one. You provide the Component List, and we handle the rest. It’s that easy.

Order Yours DIY Reserve Study today!