Setting our Industry Up for Success

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After 30 years preparing Reserve Studies, helping associations make wise decisions about their capital budgets to avoid surprises and the high cost of deferred maintenance, Robert Nordlund of Association Reserves has joined the national “Think Tank” of the Foundation for Community Association Research (FCAR) to help the industry on a broader spectrum. Watch a brief video introducing 2016 Think Tank members and projects here.

Robert joins distinguished leaders from other national companies serving on the “Think Tank” with insurance, legal, financial, maintenance, management, and other areas of expertise to chart a successful path for the future of the community association industry. FCAR is primarily known for its national “Fact Book”, updated every other year, which provides a baseline of information for our industry. Think Tank members are investigating how technology can be embraced and harnessed for the benefit of homeowners, boardmembers, and managers, and finding how managers and boards can be more effective working with homeowners who are advancing in age.

Robert is also serving as part of a team to determine how effective Reserve Studies are in helping associations budget responsibly, minimize their special assessments, and maximize property values.