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Make your Association 35% Better!

We all know that scarcity causes conflict and stress. Scarcity of Reserves causes deferred maintenance and special assessments, drags down property values, and causes other related problems. How can an association avoid these problems and emerge with sufficient funds to … Continue reading

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Reserve Contributions – They’re Not About the Future!

One of the biggest misconceptions about Reserve contributions I hear, even more than “they’re too much” or “we can’t afford them” (which I’ll address in another post), is that they are for the future. I don’t know how I can … Continue reading

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Can Reserve Funds be used for Drought-Friendly Landscape Renovations?

In the middle of a major drought, many of our California clients are asking this question as they try to be both “good citizens” and financially responsible. The answer is yes, but… Landscape renovations can be classified as a Reserve … Continue reading

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Scope and Limitations of a Reserve Study?

Apparently there are many questions on this issue at this time. The last blog entry answered the questions two people asked if our Reserve Study would replace their need for a “Building Envelope Analysis”. Earlier this week someone asked if … Continue reading

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Keep your Owners Informed!

A Maryland court recently entered a $1M judgment against the Tomes Landing Condominiums and its management company, MRA Property Management, for providing misleading budgets to prospective purchasers. Read more here. Apparently the Board and Management did not accurately represent the … Continue reading