5 Reasons to Hire a Reserve Specialist
10 Ways to Improve Property Values
A Whopping 70% of Association-governed Communities are Underfunded
Board of Directors as Fiduciaries
Deferring Repairs? Choose Wisely!
Don’t Pay More Than You Have To For A Reserve Study!
Don’t Reserve the Truth
Excuses, Excuses
How a Reserve Study Protects Owner Value
How do “National Reserve Study Standards” Benefit You?
How Often Should You Update Your Reserve Study?
How to Get a Great Reserve Study
Ignoring the Advice of your Reserve Specialist
On the Road with Reserves
Penny Wise and Pound Foolish
Planning Your Reserves to Avoid Disasters
Reserve Planning by William Chmura
Reserve Studies “Undercover”
Reserve Study Accuracy- It Matters!
Reserve Study Ghosts – Past, Present, and Future!
Reserve Study Results – What to Expect
So you want a Reserve Study. Why?
The Two Parts of a Reserve Study
The Value of a Reserve Study Site Inspection
Webinars – A Great Way to Learn About Reserves!
When Leading Community Volunteers, It Ain’t About You
Why Contribute to Reserves?
Why Is Accounting For Interest And Inflation Important?

Case Studies

The Oaks at Calabasas: How Reserve Studies Helped Our Bottom Line


Why Reserve Studies?


National “Manager of the Year” Contest (3:04 min)
Requesting a Proposal Made Easy (1:12 min)
Reserve Studies for Association Governed Communities (34:33 min)
Sample “Job Complete” (4:22 min)
The Importance of Updating your Reserve Study (3:36 min)
Under-Funding Reserves (3:03 min)
What Happens Next? (1:55 min)
Which Level of Service is Right for my Association? (1:52 min)

Sample (editable) Reserve Study Policies (.doc)
Simple (courtesy of Association Reserves)
Exhaustive (courtesy of Gary Porter, CPA)

Infographic Page

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