The Impact of Inflation for HOAs in 2023


Here in 2023, the impact of inflation on condo and homeowners’ associations (HOAs) has become a major concern for board members. One of the significant impacts of inflation for HOAs is the increase in operating costs. HOAs have several expenses to manage, including management, insurance, ongoing maintenance, landscaping, utility bills, and other monthly costs. With […]

What To Do If You Can’t Afford Reserve Funding


So you’ve just received your completed reserve study and flipped to the page showing your recommended reserve funding. You’re thinking there’s no way your association can afford that.. So what do you do now? Sometimes the recommended reserve transfers can seem a bit out of reach. But remember, they just offset ongoing deterioration. All your […]

Reserve Expenses vs. Operating Expenses

Accounting for expenditures is an important decision point for managers and board members. So, is it an Operating expense or a Reserve expense to repair a sprinkler, light fixture, lobby chair, or roof? By going through these decision points in the correct order, you can keep your Reserve Fund from being depleted by unnecessary expenses, […]

What Makes a Good Reserve Study?

Everyone wants a good Reserve Study. But what does that mean exactly? A complex process broken down into simple things to look for in a great Reserve Study.

5 Things Reserve Specialists Wish Managers Knew

Association Reserves has prepared over 70,000 reserve studies across the nation, which means we’ve worked with a lot of managers! We’ve identified the top 5 things that we wish Managers knew when it comes to reserve studies and the reserve study process.