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Reserves: Advanced Concepts for Managers & Boards

Deterioration is inevitable, inflation is high, and finances are tight! This means there is little “margin for error” while working with Reserves for the critical purpose of affording a property’s predictable & costly repairs and replacements.

So… how does one negotiate myriad decision points to successfully nurse, nudge, or cajole the association towards an improved future? Skipping over basic Reserve issues, this session will address some of the most influential tips that help Boards and Managers…

– Avoid Reserve-related mistakes
– Preserve the Reserve fund
– Move an Association towards an improved future

This webinar will save you time and headaches!

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Reserve Study Q&A: Ask the Experts!

Do you have a Reserve Study question that you’ve always wanted to ask? Here’s your chance! Take advantage of a free 45 minute webinar to ask any questions you want answered by Association Reserves CEO and Founder, Robert Nordlund, PE, RS and Association Reserves – San Francisco, LLC president, Derek Eckert, RS, PRA.

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Avoiding Reserves Quicksand

Does your board get stuck in the reserves “quicksand?”

Have you ever been asked or asked yourself:
– “What do we do?” (concerning either spending or funding)
– “How do we keep the board from hoarding Reserves?” (not spending appropriately)
– “How do we keep the board from depleting reserves by over-spending?”

Or perhaps you may be dealing with an inappropriate focus on the association’s percent funded rating or some pre-conceived monthly assessment target that the board doesn’t want to exceed.

If you are nodding in agreement to the list above, this webinar is for you! Join Reserve Study expert Robert Nordlund, PE, RS of Association Reserves, and Julie Adamen, former manager and now consultant and recruiter of Adamen, Inc., for a valuable and fascinating discussion on these subjects.

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