Past Webinars

Answers to Your Reserve Study Questions!

Follow along with Robert Nordlund of Association Reserves in this webinar answering as many of your questions as humanly possible in 45 minutes! Some general answers, some specific answers.

Boards - Don't Make these Mistakes! with Kelly Richardson

Robert & Kelly discuss tips about how to avoid some of the major, unnecessary leadership and financial mistakes they see community association boards and managers making all too often.

Budget Success for Boards and Homeowners

Boards of community associations are responsible for the budget, but they often lack effective training, mistakenly jumping straight into the numbers. We hear from three experts: Bill Chmura: 13-yr treasurer of his association and popular noted author on association budgeting; Jeff Westendorf: Mgmt company owner with a reputation for guiding their clients successfully towards balanced, sustainable budgets; and Robert Nordlund of Association Reserves, founder of a Reserve Study company serving a national client base for over 30 years.

Budgeting for Success with Julie Adamen

What are the attributes of a successful budget? What does a successful budget process look like? What are the major budget mistakes to avoid, and what are the best tips these two industry experts have to share? Make sure you are aiming at the right target before jumping into the task of adjusting budget line items. Watch this webinar to save time, energy, stress, and set your association up for a successful future!

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