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Choosing your Reserve Components

Join Robert Nordlund of Association Reserves and Raymond Piccin of Katzman, Garfinkel & Berger as they discuss how to choose your Reserve Components in light of State Law (FL and WA), national Reserve Study Standards, and the unique needs of the association.

Conflict at Your Association? You Don't Say! with Kelly Richardson

Robert & Kelly discuss tips how to identify and avoid root causes of organizational and financial conflict at your association. Find the simple adjustments you can make to your expectations, language, or actions that will make material differences in increasing the enjoyment of life while running the association, or among the owners living in the association.

How to Read Any Reserve Study in 5 min or Less!

Confused about what to look for in a Reserve Study? Join Robert Nordlund, RS and Jim Talaga, RS, both from Association Reserves as they teach you what key results to look for in any completed Reserve Study.

Legal Side of Reserve Studies Part I with Adrian Adams

Watch as Reserve Study professional Robert Nordlund from Association Reserves and community association legal expert Adrian Adams from Adams Kessler have a conversation about the legal issues surrounding Reserve Studies: Why do it, do you need to follow it, who controls what's in it, how National Reserve Study Standards affect State Laws, and an outline of Boardmember and Manager responsibilities.

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