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Avoiding Reserves Quicksand

Does your board get stuck in the reserves “quicksand?”

Have you ever been asked or asked yourself:

  • “What do we do?” (concerning either spending or contribution size)
  • “How do we keep the board from hoarding Reserves?” (not spending appropriately)
  • “How do we keep the board from depleting reserves by unwise spending?”

Or perhaps you may be dealing with an inappropriate focus on the association’s percent funded rating or some pre-conceived contribution rate limit that the board doesn’t want to exceed.

If you are nodding in agreement to the list above, this webinar is for you! Join Reserve Study expert Robert Nordlund, PE, RS of Association Reserves, and John Cligny, CCAM-HR, AMS, PCAM former manager and now consultant and thought leader from Association Consulting Group for a valuable and fascinating discussion on these subjects.

The combination of Robert’s expertise and John’s passion for board member effectiveness and success is sure to yield some great takeaways for you and your association, getting you “unstuck” and safely moving forward on your journey to ensuring your community’s financial stability and sustainability.

uPlanIt: Workshop and Demonstration

uPlanIt is a novel, online Reserve calculator. It revolutionizes the way boards and managers receive their completed Reserve Study. But what exactly is it, how does it work, and what’s it good for?

Glad you asked! Join us for this 45-minute webinar where we “kick the tires” and show you what uPlanIt is with real-life examples (an online Reserve calculator, allowing you to interact with your Reserve Study numbers), what it does (allows you to test all your “what-if” ideas about Reserve expenses and Reserve funding at your property), and how you access it (on our website, right next to your completed Reserve Study).

Access to uPlanIt is free with every professional Reserve Study engagement. Join us and to see how to harness the power of uPlanit for your association!

Behind the Scenes: How a Reserve Study is Made

What happens in the process of preparing a Reserve Study? Join us as we “pull back the curtain” and show the craftsmanship and decision points involved in Reserve Study preparation for Full and With Site Visit updates. We’ll show you how we prepare for a site inspection – including a peek at our satellite tools, measuring and photographing assets while on-site, the importance of client communications to get updated project history, researching and establishing appropriate life and cost estimates, and crafting a custom Funding Plan for your property.

“Is Your Association Fiscally Responsible?” with Russell Munz, CMCA

Embezzlement. Payroll. Accounts Payable. Delinquencies. Operating vs Reserves. These just a few of the financial challenges boards and managers face twelve times a year. It is so simple to say “assessments should offset expenses” in running a community association. But we all know that reality is much more complicated than theory, especially here in 2021 as rising delinquencies unsettle budgets and cause cash to become tight. While it is true that the “devil is in the details”, it is also true that “success is in the details”! So join us for this 45 minute webinar that will help your association, or the ones you manage, move forward towards a fiscally responsible future that makes the present less stressful and the future more secure. You will learn (or be reminded of) financial “best practices” and the four reports that help you know where the money is, where it is going, and where it is not supposed to go!